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      Join us on a wonderful journey into the world of Cetaceans, those mysterious animals that spend their entire lives in water.
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      Dive to the greatest depths and discover the whales, the Blue whale, the Right whale, Sperm whale, Humpback, Sei, Gray, Bowhead, Fin, Minke, Orca, Dolphins and more. Pick your favourite whale or dolphin and find out what it is doing, what it looks like and where it lives.
      Japanese Whaling
      Read all the latest news from strandings to releases to research to whaling. You'll find a photo gallery and links to other Cetacean Sites all over the world. It's all here! Examine our Whale Watching List and see what kids have drawn in our competition. Find out who governs the whales and read about our whaling history. Visit our published pages and read about whalemen adventurers, whale fossils and rescues. We've got whale art, views on whaling, an FAQ, action alerts, strandings and a place for your comments. We are expanding all the time. Just visit again and see for yourself.

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      Japanese Whaling

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      Antarctic Whaling
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      Antarctic Whaling

      Japanese Push for Limited Commercial Whaling

      IWC Chaiman, Joji_Morishita

      Japan's chief whaling negotiator and International Whaling Commission Chairman, Joji Morishita told Australian media that the International Whaling Commission (IWC) cannot continue on the same path of dispute and deadlock. ABC News (August 3, 2018) And the only way to break this deadlock is to change the paradigm. . . Japanese Push for Limited Commercial Whaling

      Singing With Whales

      Discover how whales respond when we share our songs with them. Chip Richards

      NSW opposes Seismic Testing

      Australian State (NSW) opposes seismic testing for oil off it's shores but Federal regulators in Canberra gave the approval. . .

      Sanctioned Animal Abuse in Canada's Marineland

      Despite years of bad press and seemingly credible allegations of animal abuse, it comes as little surprise that cruelty charges laid against Marineland by the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) were withdrawn. . .

      Tilikum Dead at 36

      SeaWorld Orlando's most famous killer whale, Tilikum, who inspired the documentary Blackfish, has died, the theme park announced in a statement on its website January 6, 2017. He was estimated to be about 36 years old.

      Seaworld states: "Tilikum was near the high end of the average life expectancy for male killer whales according to an independent scientific review." Can this be true. . .

      The Soviet Union Killed Tens of Thousands of Whales for Virtually No Reason

      In just a few decades, tens of thousands of whales were slaughtered by the Soviet Union in what the Pacific Standard Magazine, called "one of the fastest decimations of an animal population in world history - and happened almost entirely in secret."

      The whaling system was mortally wounded by inefficiency, gross waste, and "runaway socialistic competition," as Ivashchenko, Clapham, and Brownell noted in their research paper.

      While it's unclear how many whales were killed by the Soviets, it's believed that at least 45,000 were slaughtered between 1946 and 1986. . .

      Humpback Whale Deaths in Hawaii

      Wildlife officials are concerned that six humpback whale carcasses have washed up onto Hawaii shores since November. That's double the number typically found in a season, which runs from November to May. . .

      Rare Omura whale Sighted in Queensland

      A Tour group spotted the whale off Mission Beach (Queensland), an unusual sighting outside the usual whale season.

      The Omura whale was first identified by Japanese researchers as a species in it's own right in 2003, and it was genetically confirmed as a separate species in 2006. . .

      Great Australian Bight Drilling Threat Returns

      After BP Oil cancelled it's plan to drill in the Bight another company has been given a permit to explore for oil in the marine reserve, sparking calls from environmentalists for a moratorium on new licences.

      Karoon Gas Australia announced to the Australian Stock Exchange that it had been approved to explore for oil in "17,793 square kilometres of Australia's most active and prospective frontier oil exploration province" the Ceduna sub-basin.

      "It's outrageous the National Offshore Petroleum Titles Administrator is issuing more exploration permits in the Great Australian Bight considering the massive opposition to BP's plans to drill for oil in the Bight," said the Wilderness Society's South Australian director, Peter Owen. . .

      Is that All We get from the Australian Prime Minister... Disappointed?Australian Economic Zone

      Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull has said he is "very dis-appointed" by Japan's decision to resume Antarctic whaling. Chief Executive Michael Kennedy (HSI) says, "Japan always claimed it was doing its work legally. Well our court case in 2004 and the ICJ in 2014 proves that nothing they do in our view is at all legal."

      It is time to act. The Australian Government must stand up and stop the whalers who are poaches heading to a Whale Sanctuary to murder and butcher the animals the Sanctuary protects. These poaches in their Factory Ship, the Nisshin Maru, must be turned back to Japan without killing one whale. . .

      Japanese Southern Ocean Whaling Ruled NOT Scientific

      The Inter-national Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague announced their binding decision on 31 March, 2014 in the landmark case of Australia v. Japan, ruling that Japan's JARPA II whaling program in the Antarctic is not for scientific purposes and ordered a temporary halt to the whaling program and not to issue whaling permits at least until the program has been thoroughly revamped. . .

      Iceland ships 2,000 tons of endangered fin whale meat

      The Inter-national Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) raised the issue in Iceland after learning that Loftsson's stockpile of fin whale meat was being loaded onto the Alma cargo vessel in Hafnarfjordur Harbour near Reykjavík, bound for Japan.

      Fin whales are listed as endangered on the IUCN Red List. Ports and carriers in Europe publicly rejected the whale meat trade by returning containers, to Iceland. A total of 280 fin whales were killed in Iceland's waters between 2006 and 2010. . . Iceland ships Fin Whale Meat

      Japan MUST be Expelled from the IWC

      When it comes down to the smooth running of the International Whaling Commission (IWC) and it's orderly administration which country is the most disruptive? Which country gives aid money for votes? Which country takes up far too much time at meetings? Which country consistantly ignores the wishes of the Commission? Which country still kills whales? Japan!. . . Japan must be expelled from the IWC

      International Anti-whaling CampaignTroubled Waters

      The Whalewatch report, Troubled Waters, was published March 9th to mark the start of the global campaign against whaling.

      Britain's best-known naturalist, Sir David Attenborough, stresses the point in his foreword to the report. "The following pages contain hard scientific dispassionate evidence that there is no humane way to kill a whale at sea," says the broadcaster . . .Anti-whaling Campaign

      Read the report - Troubled Waters

      Whales are Not the Major Causes of Dwindling Fish StocksHumpback feeding

      N.O.A.A. US Department of Commerce - Today's marine science community has enough expertise and experience with the complex ocean ecosystem to recognise that the "competition" claim is oversimplified and the hunting proposal is biologically unsound.

      As a whole, whales do not eat "large quantities of fish as food," nor do they threaten the health of the world's limited marine fish resources. Some whale species prey on fish, but on fish that humans do not consume. In truth, it is humans who continue to threaten the world's stocks through overfishing and reluctance to allow stocks to naturally replenish. . .Whales are Not the Major Causes of Dwindling Fish Stocks

      Japan should NOT kill porpoises to eat Open Letter to the Government of Japan
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      Say NO to Navy Noise

      US Navy Protester
      Eco-activist Diana Mann
      Photo by Jack Gould

      Low frequency active sonar is based on very low frequency sound [100-1000 Hz] can travel great distances and detect quiet submarines. The system uses intense sound. The US Navy has given a figure of sounds as loud as 235 decibels generated by massive sound transmitters towed behind TAGOS-class ships. The noise level of a jet engine is about 120 decibels. . . Say NO to Navy Noise

      US Navy/WHOI LFAS Research Exposed - Lanny Sinkin


      If the Oceans Die
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      Japan Secedes from the International Whaling Commission

      Now that Japan has left the International Whaling Commission (IWC), the country w